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Year 1 enjoy a puppet show

Year 1 enjoy a puppet show

To compliment their topic ‘The Toy Maker’ where they are focusing on Pinocchio and looking at what toys are made from, Year 1 invited a traditional puppet show into school.

Students came in dressed as Pinocchio and invited the whole of KS1 to join in the fun of watching a live puppet show where they were shown puppets from all over the world and learnt what different materials they can be made from.

Year 1 teacher Mrs Mandy Mutch said ‘This was a fantastic opportunity for the children to watch a puppet show, something many of them had never experienced before. It was nice to be able to invite the whole of KS1 to join in the fun with us. The children really embraced dressing up as Pinocchio and learnt a lot as well as having lots of fun.’

Year 1 student Etta-Sue Hill said, ‘The puppet show was really good. There was a dog puppet and it sprayed water all over us. We learnt that toys are made of different things; the monkey puppet was made out of plastic. I dressed up as Pinocchio and I had strings. I was the only one in the class that had stings.'

A selection of photos from the day can be found here.