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Year 1 squirrels enjoy learning how to write a story

Year 1 squirrels enjoy learning how to write a story

Students in Year 1 have been learning how to make a storyboard  and how to create a beginning, middle and end of a story.

The Large family were the characters in the story and the students had to choose their own adventure for them to go on and a problem that happens to them. They drew their story and then created sentences to accompany the pictures.

Year 1 teacher Mrs Mandy Mutch said ‘The children have really enjoyed learning how to create a story and have come up with some fantastic adventures.’

Year 1 student Meadow said. ‘We are making a storyboard and we are changing the setting of where the Large family go. In my story the family are happy in the first two boxes and then they have a problem. I took them to the moon. At the end, which we haven’t done yet, I’m going to put a superhero in my story.’

Year 1 student Molly said ‘I did my story at the beach and Lester Large got pinched by a crab. I really liked making up my story.’