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Year 2 launch their new topic

Year 2 launch their new topic

To celebrate the launch of their new topic, ‘Florence Nightingale – The Lady with the Lamp,' students in Year 2 came to school dressed as doctors and nurses and spent the day learning and discovering about Florence Nightingale and how she invented modern day nursing.

The students worked on variety of activities throughout the day that Florence Nightingale would have done when she was a nurse. These included; practising operating skills by using fine motor tweezers, some string and some pom poms, using real syringes to measure amounts of medicine and examining the human body – looking closely at the different bones the body has.

Year 2 teacher Emma Goodman said ‘We decided to have a launch day for our new topic to get the students really involved and engaged. Some of them might have never heard of Florence Nightingale before so they get to spend the day pretending to be her and doing different activities that she might have done.  It’s a good introduction to the topic and their learning and the rest of the term develops from there.’

Year 2 student Riley Taylor said ‘I liked the part when we did measuring, we had to dip some card in some water until it got to the amount that you had we needed. I dressed up as a doctor and I really enjoyed it.’

Year 2 student E’tiana Moyo said ‘I liked it when we had to write about what makes our body healthy and what makes our bones so still and what makes us really healthy and strong.’