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Year 2 explore Oakley Vale

Year 2 explore Oakley Vale

As part of their new topic  ‘My Continent and I’ students in Year 2 invited parents and carers into school to join them on a local walk around Oakley Vale to help with their writing and map work.

They saw lots of different places including Brooke Weston Academy, Lakelands Hospice, shops and the lake, even stopping for a quick play in the park before heading back to school to draw some maps of the area.

Year 2 teacher Miss Emma Goodman said ‘Lots of parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters joined us on the walk and everyone had a great time. It was a fantastic way to introduce our new topic and really helped the students to understand and locate places of interest on their maps. It was useful to see where places were in relation to school and to see places at different times of the day. They also got to see the steel sculpture which we will be learning more about later in the term.’

Year 2 student Chloe Billam said ‘I really enjoyed the walk and liked that my mum came along too. We saw a steel sculpture by the lake. It was made of steel because the steel workers made it.’

Year 2 student Katie Markie said ‘I loved going to the park with my friends and liked seeing the sculpture, especially as it was designed by a boy in our class’ mum and dad.’