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Year 4 robot discovery

Year 4 robot discovery

Students in Year 4 were surprised to discover the remains of a robot on the school playground and have been investigating how it might have got there.

As part of their new topic ‘The rise of the robots’ they will be studying ‘Iron Man’ this term and have been learning about robots so the discovery of a broken robot on the school playground has really sparked their interest and imagination.

Year 4 teacher Miss Gemma Cantlow said ‘Discovering the robot has been a fantastic way to engage the students in our new topic and has really captured their imagination as to how and why the robot might have got there, which is the perfect start to our new topic.’

Year 4 student Rudra Sharna said ‘We found robot pieces on the playground which we found very suspicious and thought perhaps a robot had malfunctioned. We then examined the parts to see if he was a robot or not.’

Year 4 student Princess Aseidu said ‘I was really surprised because I didn’t think a robot would come to our school. It is very exciting.

Year 4 student Erin Hope said ‘I think that someone programmed a robot to come to our school and help us with our topic but if it panicked too much it would self destruct and it panicked because he couldn’t find us.’