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Year 5 Physics workshop

Year 5 Physics workshop

As part of their topic ‘Out of this world’ Year 5 were invited to take part in a physics workshop run by Mrs Judith Green on behalf of The Ogden Trust. 

The Ogden Trust are a charity that exists to promote the teaching and learning of physics. Students talked about hot and cold and were shown experiments to demonstrate both temperatures. They looked at infrared radiation and used an infrared camera to see people in black plastic bags. They then explored coldness looking at dry ice and performed a number of different experiments concluding with a fantastic finale that filled the room with smoke! 

Year 5 Stags student Nicole Courtney said ‘The workshop was amazing! My favourite part was when the teacher poured the hot water onto the dry ice and it all turned to smoke and went up in the air like an explosion!’

Judith said ‘The workshop is a fantastic way to learn about science but there are also numeracy and literacy connections that you can make as well.  It is brilliant fun but it’s more than that. The fun makes the students pay attention and makes them listen, learn and engage and then the fun is even more fun because you understand what is going on.

‘This country needs more scientists in it. The older people get the fewer students do science; some of them sadly are switched off before they even get to secondary school. So we want to stop that switch off and get more people doing more science. ‘

To see a selection of photos from the workshop, please click here.