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Year 5 Alien eggs

Year 5 Alien eggs

As part of their new ‘Space’ topic students in Year 5 were given some alien eggs sent back to earth and had to create a protective pod to prevent them from hatching or cracking when they were dropped from a great height.

The class used materials such as cotton wool, feathers, bubble wrap, string and sellotape to create their pods and then watched as they were thrown from the roof to see that four out of the five eggs survived the fall.

Year 5 teacher Miss Stephanie Cross said, ‘I think that this experiment has helped get the whole class excited about our new ‘Space’ topic. To see the excitement on their faces when they saw the eggs being thrown off the roof and then discovering if their egg had survived was amazing. It was an experience that they probably wouldn’t normally have.’

Year 5 student Patience Kitchen said, ‘I liked being able to make a pod to protect my egg, I used a yogurt pot, cotton wool and feathers to create my pod and wrapped it up with elastic bands and sellotape to keep it all in place.  My favourite part was watching the eggs get thrown off the roof, I was really happy because my egg survived!’