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Year 6 design Titanic replicas

Year 6 design Titanic replicas

As part of their termly topic the ‘Titanic’ students in Year 6 worked together to build replicas of the ship out of materials that they brought in from home.

They learnt about the history of the construction of the ship and then planned the build before making it in pairs. Finally, they wrote a detailed set of instructions on how to build the ‘Titanic.’

Year 6 teacher Mrs Nikki McDonald said, ‘As part of their Titanic learning journey the students had the opportunity to show off their team work and their constructing DT skills to create their own Titanic replicas, after which we wrote a detailed set of instructions about how to make your very own replica. The students really enjoyed the project and it helped them in their understanding of what happened on the ‘Titanic’, it also helped with their writing skills and creativity.’

Year 6 student Isobel Cunningham ‘I really enjoyed this project. Working in pairs helped us as we had double the amount of ideas to work with which meant that the ship looked better than it would have if we were working as individuals.’

Year 6 student Prithvi Sharma said, ‘Making the replica showed us what the Titanic really looked like when it was sailing and then sinking, how big it actually was and how everything came together in the construction to produce such a magnificent ship.’