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Year 6 learn to dance

Year 6 learn to dance

As part of their topic on the Titanic Year 6 students spent the afternoon with a dance instructor learning how to ballroom dance. 

Students have been experiencing what life would have been like on board the Titanic and as part of that enjoyed an afternoon of ballroom dancing - the preferred choice of dancing on board the Titanic.

Although a little apprehensive at dancing with the opposite sex all students enjoyed the afternoon, had smiles on their faces and enjoyed learning a new skill.

Year 6 teacher Mrs Nikki McDonald said ‘I think today has been a fantastic experience as it gives students more of a feel for what life was like on board the Titanic. They really enjoyed learning how to ballroom dance and as many of them had never tried ballroom dancing before it was nice for them to experience something that was perhaps a little out of their comfort zone. It was a fun way to spend the afternoon and a nice activity to share together as a class.’ 

Year 6 student Prithvi Sharma said, ‘I thought the ballroom dancing was very interesting and fun. I have never done it before. I have always seen it on the tv and think how do those people do that dancing and then today I have experienced it. I would definitely like to do it again.’

Year 6 student Isobel Cunningham said, ‘It was lots of fun to see the different styles of dancing that you can do. It also helped me to understand what it must have been like for the passengers on the Titanic when they were ballroom dancing.’