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Reception enjoy a visit from the local police

Reception enjoy a visit from the local police

As part of their topic ‘Me You and Them’, students in reception enjoyed a visit from the local police who came in to discus their role in the community with them. 

The students had the opportunity to sit in the police car, discover what they carry in the boot and see and hear the police siren. They also spoke to them about road safety and the police uniform.  

Reception teacher Ms Murdock said ‘The children all loved meeting the police and learnt that they aren’t just there to catch the bad people they are there to help everybody which I think is important. Not all children have the opportunity to speak to a policeman so it was nice to find out about how important they are in our community and the different roles they have.

‘Last week we ‘staged’ that someone had messed up our playground and the police explained how they had to investigate the crime scene to be able to find the criminals’

Reception student Katherine Smith said ‘I really liked meeting the police. They wore a jacket that was yellow so that they can see in the dark and had a walkie-talkie. I liked going in the police car the best. They put the siren on and it was so loud but I didn’t cover my ears. The police told us that they found the naughty person who made a mess in our playground and they knocked down their door to put them in jail!’