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Reception students look after some baby chicks

Reception students look after some baby chicks

Students in Reception are enjoying having some new members in their classroom in the shape of some eggs that they are gradually watching hatch into chicks.

The project is part of their termly topic ‘Paws, Claws, Feathers and Whiskers’ and the students have been learning about the life cycle of chickens and now have eight chicks in the classroom.

Reception teacher Miss Jenny Tew said ‘Part of the curriculum is ‘understanding the world’ where we look at life cycles of animals so it is a fantastic opportunity for them to experience first hand the life cycle of a chick and to understand that eggs aren’t just something that you buy in a supermarket.’

Reception student Tia Thomas said ‘ It is really nice to have some chicks in the classroom. I have seen one hatch out of an egg and be born. It was very exciting.’