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Year 2 hold a British Street party

Year 2 hold a British Street party

To celebrate the end of their learning journey theme ‘Rule Britannia’ Year 2 celebrated by inviting parents and carers into the classroom and having a British Street party.

The students have been learning about Britain, Queen Elizabeth, London landmarks and the royal family. They have learnt British values, famous events and people in our British history including the Great Fire of London and Queen Victoria. 

During the afternoon there were a range of activities taking place in in the classroom; decorating biscuits as the English flag, making union jack flags and bunting, creating the ‘Fire of London’ artwork and making our own crowns. They then all enjoyed a British scone together, which was delicious!

Year 2 teacher Ms Barrington said ‘The British street party was a fantastic way to end out topic ‘Rule Britannia’ It was lovely that so many parents and carers came in to join in the activities with us and celebrate the end of what has been a very interesting topic.’