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Oakley Vale launches their Ambition for All month

Oakley Vale launches their Ambition for All month

Students and staff at Oakley Vale Primary School are excited to be launching the start of their Ambition for All month today, with their theme of ‘Reach for the Stars’.

Most of the planned activities will take place during the week of 20 November and include a chance for the students to learn about the stars and planets in a portable Planetarium from the National Space Centre, a class sponsored science quiz, a star-themed artwork exhibition and finishing off the week will be a family quiz night on Friday 24 November where teams will compete to answer questions focused on ‘stars’ for a chance to win £100 Amazon voucher.

Principal Miss Emma Goodwin said, ‘We are all very excited to launch our Ambition for All month, ‘Reach for the Stars’ today. The children are looking forward to the fantastic activities we have planned for our special week later in the month, which will include a space Planetarium and an exciting family quiz night.

‘All of the activities we have planned fit into our theme ‘Reach for the Stars’. We want all of our students to remember to always challenge themselves, try new opportunities and aim high to be the very best that they can be.’

Letters regarding information for all of the events planned will follow.