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Dog safety assembly

Dog safety assembly

Students from Oakley Vale were joined in their whole school assembly by a volunteer from The Dogs Trust who came in to teach them about how to stay safe around dogs.

They learnt when the best time to stroke dogs is, when not to approach a dog, if it a good idea to approach a dog when it is sleeping or eating and how to keep themselves safe around dogs that they don’t know. This was demonstrated with a large soft toy dog alongside some of our students.

Finally they learnt how to keep themselves safe if they were to find themselves in a situation where a dog ran up to them and they were scared or unhappy by crossing their arms across their body in an X shape and looking away from the dog.

Deputy Head Mrs Nikki McDonald said ‘The students enjoyed the assembly and learnt a lot from the demonstrations. It is important to us that they have an awareness of how to stay safe in the wider world and in their local communities.’