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Oakley Vale General Election

Oakley Vale General Election

Students at Oakley Vale celebrated the General Election by holding their own election which the Conservative party won with the majority of the votes.

Years 1 and 2 had an assembly in the morning where they learnt about the The British Electoral System, what parliament is and why we vote and then the students wrote about what they would do if they were the Prime Minister.

Some of the students said, ‘If I were Prime Minister I would make people have a house if they didn’t have one.’

‘If I was Prime Minister I would go into school and tell them to be police so that if any more terrorist attacks happened they might catch them straight away.’

‘If I were Prime Minister I would give food to the people that are poor so that they would have food.’

Key Stage 2 learnt what the political parties manifestos were and then voted in an official secret ballot system which Year 5 Wolves counted and gave the overall results with the Conservative Party coming first with 54.33% of the votes. Labour were second with 40.25%, The Green Party came third with 49.30 % and The Liberal Democrats and UKIP came joint fourth place with 10.6% each.

Deputy Head Mrs McDonald said ‘At Oakley Vale we like to do a lot of learning about British Values and learning about our British Electoral System is an extremely important and current subject for the children to understand and a big part of growing up and being a British Citizen.’