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Oakley Vale celebrates Ambition for All week

Oakley Vale celebrates Ambition for All week

This week Oakley Vale have been celebrating their Ambition for All week with their theme ‘Reach for the stars’.

To start the week off local author Michelle Morgan was invited into school to speak to students about how she became an author. She explained that she had always dreamt she would be an author and never gave up on her dream, even though it took her 24 years to achieve.

Michelle also spoke about the different types of books she has written and advised the students to write about something they know about and are passionate about. She said ‘I visit local schools because I think that if I can change just one persons career and inspire them be a writer and make their dreams come true, no matter what anyone says then I think that it is all worth it.

‘I want to encourage children to do exactly what they want to do whether that be a writer or anything else because when I was younger we didn’t get inspired by many people and were told we couldn’t do things rather than being encouraged to do things. I want children to reach for their dreams and be whatever they want to be.’

After assembly Principal Emma Goodwin announced to the students the very exciting news that as part of their Ambition for All week and in line with their ‘Reach for the Stars’ theme they will all spend the week writing their own books that will be published and available for parents and family to buy. She said, ‘Today was a great opportunity to have a growing author into school to share experiences of what it is like to be an author, which we hope will help and inspire them when they are writing their own books this week. This is a fantastic and exciting opportunity to make their ideas a reality by producing their own books that will be available to buy.

‘We have lots more activities to look forward to this week with ‘Reach for the Stars’ as our theme, students are busy thinking about what their ambitions and what they want to be. We also have the planetarium, class quiz and art exhibition later on in the week as well, so it is all very exciting.’

Year 5 student Dana Serakovo said ‘I really liked hearing about the books the author had written as I’m really interested in biographies. I liked how she used the ideas from everything she knew to write her books. I feel more confident about writing my own book now because I used to think that people are right when they say you cant do something but now I know that isn’t true and I’m very excited to write my own book and to get it published.’

Year 5 student Shelby Fox said, ‘I feel really confident about writing my own book because I sometimes write little books at home. I once wrote a book called ‘The Secret of the Garden’, and I’m really inspired to start writing some more books. ‘