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Oakley Vale host Trust DodgeBall tournament

Oakley Vale host Trust DodgeBall tournament

Oakley Vale hosted a Trust Dodgeball tournament with the five Trust Primary Schools, Gretton Primary, Beanfield Primary, Compass Primary and Peckover Primary and succeeded in coming second.

Each school played each other and the games lasted seven minutes. Oakley Vale made it through to the final but just lost out to Compass Primary. All of the students played fantastically well showing great determination and team work.

Year 3 student Miles Fisher ‘I thought the Dodgeball tournament was pretty good because we were playing against different schools and it was fun being together as a team. We worked really hard to get to the final and win second place. For me it was really hard because I got knocked out of nearly every game, but I really enjoyed it.’

Year 4 student Erin Hope said, ‘It was really fun because we got to throw balls at the other schools while they threw balls at us and we had to dodge them! It felt really good to come second.’

Year 4 student Adam Bialas said, ‘It was fun because we went to the finals and got second place.’