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Girls football team come second at local competition

Girls football team come second at local competition

A group of girls from Year 3 and 4 competed in a football competition organised by Pacesetters at Kettering Arena with two other local schools and succeeded in coming second and fourth place.

The girls were split into two mixed year group teams and played eight six-a-side games lasting eight minutes each against Warwick Primary School and St Patrick’s Primary school.

TA Miss Sharon Andrew said, ‘The girls played amazingly well together. They displayed fantastic teamwork and were brilliant. The whole competition was run really well and all of the schools showed great team spirit and shook hands afterwards. We were extremely proud of both teams.’ 

Year 3 student Neve Renshaw said, ‘My team came second in the competition I felt so happy. Some teams were easy for us to beat and some were really hard but we kept on passing to each other and we were really spaced out which I think helped us to come second.’