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Year 3 students enjoy Stone Age trip

Year 3 students enjoy Stone Age trip

Hunting, firelighting, shelter-building and painting were just a few of the activities that our Year 3 students enjoyed during a day of Stone Age-based activities at Irchester Country Park. They had read the story of ‘Stone Age Boy’ and completed written work in the classroom, but this trip was an opportunity for them to experience life in the wild.

They started the day off by playing games and constructing bows and arrows and shooting at fish targets. Another group cooked some food over a fire they had lit while others squashed flowers and berries into patterns to make natural artwork.

After lunch it was time to build shelters from branches and natural materials and the children talked about how Stone Age people would keep warm by building fires and covering the shelters with animals skins to keep the heat in. 

Class teacher Genevieve Hearne said: ‘It was a really action packed day and the children learned a lot. When we got back to school we used chalks and pastels to create our own cave paintings and we talked a lot about staying safe around fire.’