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Becky Annetts appointed VP at Oakley Vale

Becky Annetts appointed VP at Oakley Vale

 Oakley Vale’s new Vice Principal, Becky Annetts, has been at the school since it opened, working in a variety of areas including interim Vice Principal, before being officially appointed this month.

Becky started at the school as a Year 1 class teacher. Over the past ten years she has been KS2 Lead, Maths Lead, Phase Leader and completed her National Professional Qualification for Senior Leaders before becoming Assistant Head before stepping up to her new role.

Her VP remit is wellbeing and behaviour and, as well as retaining KS2 Lead, she also has responsibility for Pupil Premium and Looked After Children. She has also taken over SEN (for maternity leave) and is completing the SEN national qualification and providing cover for Year 5 and Year 6 teachers.

‘It is strange not doing planning and marking after being a class teacher for so long, however there are plenty of other things to keep me busy, especially with the SEN strand. The cover work means that I will still have some time in the classroom, so I won’t be completely hands-off.

‘With the new role I am looking forward to having more of a “whole school overview.” I am at an advantage as I know the school so well, but it is about having time to delve deeper and get a greater understanding of issues. It is also about having an open door so people can chat about issues concerning them or their children.

‘I went into teaching to have a positive impact on children’s lives and I wanted to stay at Oakley Vale because I have been given lots of opportunities to progress at the right time in my career. I have seen the school grow and have a lot of respect for people that I have worked with. I am lucky that I have been part of the journey to get to this point.

‘I am looking forward to working closely with Emma and Katie, and also having greater links with colleagues at the other Trust primaries to see how we can help each other out and share ideas.  I feel supported by the Brooke Weston Trust and have had the training and encouragement to develop my career to this point. You have to grow into the role and make it your own but there is always a support network within the school and the Trust. I am organised, communicative and approachable and am really looking forward to making a difference.’