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Whole school careers day success

Whole school careers day success

Oakley Vale Primary held a whole school careers day where students as young as reception were able to speak to a variety of people about the different career paths that are available to them.

The purpose of the day was to begin to prepare the students for their future and give them as many different opportunities to find out about a variety of careers and start planning their journeys into adulthood.

The hall was set up with stalls where students could rotate and ask questions about the different careers. There was a huge variety ranging from Managing Directors, Policeman, Author, Bank Manager, Charity Worker and a DJ.  Fire fighters gave a talk to students on the playground where they were able to see a fire engine up close and have a go at using the hosepipe. Year 6 students received an information session about the Job Centre and a question and answer session with Dr Andrew Campbell, CEO of the Brooke Weston Trust.

Deputy Head Mrs Nikki McDonald said ‘We decided to hold the careers day as we want to prepare our students for the future and help them to have inspirational dreams. It is important for even children as young as reception to see how education is linked with future careers and I think the earlier they start to think about that the better. At the very least they will be aware of services within their community that they can be a part of.

The day has been a huge success and the best part has been that we have had so many parents that have been able to support us in the event who are very successful careers people themselves. It has been something that the whole community has been involved in which is fantastic and we hope to be able to do this again in the future.’

Year 5 student Skye Davies-Madden said ‘I think the careers day has been amazing. It is really good and interesting to find out about all the different jobs you could do when you are older. I’ve really enjoyed talking to the Police Officer and DJ because they seem like fun and cool jobs.’

Fire Fighter Crew Manager Jamie Law said ‘We wanted to be involved in the careers day because it’s a nice opportunity for the students to not only see what we do but the range of different career opportunities that are available to them. Being a Fire Fighter is a really rewarding job and it’s good for students to know what we do, why we do it and how we do it so there is a wide range of people who want to join.’

Dr Andrew Campbell said ‘It’s really inspiring to see children so interested in their futures. I think it has been a fantastic effort by the school to offer such a wide range of different and interesting people for the careers day. I really enjoyed answering the questions from students it showed that there has been plenty of research and thinking gone in to making the most of the day and I hope to do it again next year.’

A selection of photographs from the day can be found here.