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Oakley Vale win at Trust competition

Oakley Vale win at Trust competition

Students from Oakley Vale were invited to Compass Primary to take part in a Trust competition and collaboration day in reading, sport and art and won the sports competition.

Students in Years 2, 5 and 6 attended the day and took part in the three different activities. Year 6 played Choke Ball against four other schools, and won all four of their games, making them the overall champions. Choke ball is played in mixed teams of five and is a sport they had never played before that day. Year 6 student Kimberly Kasiyamhuru said ‘I really enjoyed the day and playing games against other schools and meeting new people. To win was so exciting. It was a fantastic day.’

Year 5 took part in the reading competition where they had to answer questions in three different rounds on the Spirit Animals series of books, which they needed to have read before the day. After winning the final round of questions on general knowledge of books the Oakley Vale team came in fourth place after a tiebreaker.  Year 5 student Izzy Cunningham said ‘I love reading so it was a fun day for us and seeing other people’s knowledge of reading and books really interested me.’

Year 2 enjoyed a day of art where they designed pictures of horses and used 3d methods to enhance their work.

Teaching Assistant Mrs Mandy Street said ‘The students were a privilege to take and worked really well together. The girls were quite anxious about the reading competition but once they got into it they were amazing, completely shining in the third round which was so lovely to see. To win every game of the Choke Ball was an incredible achievement after having only learnt the sport that morning. All of the students enjoyed the day and gained a lot from meeting and collaborating with the other schools within the Trust.’

A selection of photos from the event can be found here.