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CBA Band performs at Oakley Vale Primary School

CBA Band performs at Oakley Vale Primary School

The Senior Concert Band from Corby Business Academy performed at our school and one student, Darcie, even had the chance to conduct them!

The Band performed to all our students and they loved the experience. Darcie McGovern from Reception class was picked to act as conductor for one song and she was thrilled and did an excellent job of keeping them in order!

The band performing a range of festive favourites and our students sang along with Frosty the Snowman and Let It Go from Frozen. The band had also performed at Gretton Primary, which is another Brooke Weston Trust school.

Year 10 student Alan Zajac, who plays clarinet, said: ‘It is very interesting because it gives the younger children an opportunity to see what music is like in a secondary school and how they can advance their musical skills. I like music as there are a lot of trips and it is very enjoyable.’

Corby Business Academy’s Director of Music, Clive Wears, said: ‘We had a varied repertoire including Let It Go from Frozen, Carnival of Venice, a trumpet solo by Evie Anderson, Jingle Bells, Frosty the Snowman and the students got a 10 out of 10 for their singing. We also performed Celtic Ritual and asked them to join in with the 12 days of Christmas, which was brilliant! We always do a little tour of Trust primary schools prior to our Christmas concert as it is great for our students to perform and also great for the younger children to see what we do. For some it might be the first time they have experienced live music or seen a band on this scale. I am incredibly proud of our students and they put on two amazing concerts for our primaries. Thanks to Oakley Vale Primary for inviting us along.’

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