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Year 3 Stone Age day

Year 3 Stone Age day

During the autumn term students from Year 3 learnt about the Stone Age supported by the text ‘The Stone Age Boy’.

During the topic they experienced a host of learning tasks including an archaeological dig.

To finish with a bang they took part in a Stone Age activity day, dressing up in Stone Age clothing, including lots of fur and necklaces made from bones!

There was also a dragons’ den task, where the children were split into groups and asked to make up games that would have been played in the Stone Age using only equipment that they would have had during that time. They then got to present and pitch their ideas to the ‘dragons’ den’ judges.

Deputy Head Mrs McDonald said ‘All the children had great fun learning about the Stone Age and the last day brought everything together so well. I particularly enjoyed being one of the mean judges on the dragons’ den task!’