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Introducing our new school pets

Introducing our new school pets

As part of a school project a Year 6 student was lucky enough to be selected to research, order equipment and visit a local pet shop with Mrs McDonald and Miss Goodwin, to choose two guinea pigs as new school pets.

Once they were chosen and introduced to the children, it was time to vote on their names. In the selection were Salt and Pepper, Oakley and Vale and Fizz and Pop, but favourites Bubble and Squeak were chosen by the majority of students.

The white guinea pig, Squeak, makes the most noise, especially when Miss Goodwin comes in with her peppers in the morning! The brown one, Bubble, is more timid and cuddly, with a brown patch on his bottom!

Principal Miss Goodwin said ‘All the children are enjoying getting to know the guinea pigs and having lots of cuddles with them.’