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Oakley Vale students wrap up Christmas

Oakley Vale students wrap up Christmas

Students at Oakley Vale primary school have been getting into the festive spirit and going ‘shopping’ for presents for their parents or carers.

The concept was brought to life by deputy head Mrs McDonald and involves a contribution of £3 from families. The students get a choice of up to two gifts for parents or carers and get to browse them from a room set out like a shop. They then wrap the gifts, write the label and take them home ready for Christmas day.

Mrs McDonald said ‘We love the idea of students being able to get their own gifts for their parents. It’s really helped the children and staff get into the festive spirit and they have all looked very proud and excited as they take them back to their classrooms.’

More than £600 has been made from the shopping experience which will be combined with money raised at the Christmas fayre on 15 December and will go towards guided reading books for the school.

Year 2 student Eloise McInulty said, ‘I’m very happy to be getting my presents because my dad doesn’t usually get many things for Christmas or for his birthdays, so it’s really nice that I can give him a present from me.’