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This term students in Year 6 have been learning about where chocolate comes from and the importance of a healthy diet. 

During lessons they designed a healthy meal using nutrition labels on food packaging, which led on to an ICT challenge to find a healthy weekly shop for less than £30.

The topic included a science investigation studying the effects of exercise on heart rates, when students learnt how important exercise is for a healthy lifestyle and what changes they can make in order to be active and healthy.

They also spent time learning about the economy in the UK compared to countries where cacao trees grow, discovering how important it is to help farmers in these countries and support their economy not only because we rely on them for our delicious chocolate, but because they work exceptionally hard and deserve a good wage.

The topic finished with the students being blindfolded and tasting different types of chocolate. Year 6 teacher Miss Conlon said ‘Everyone enjoyed tasting chocolate and many of us discovered that we actually liked the chocolate that we thought we wouldn’t. Through our research into healthy eating, the children understood that although very yummy, chocolate should only make up a small portion of our diet.’

Year 6 student Matty said ‘I have really enjoyed this topic and learnt a lot. I have joined a football team because I know how important being active is, especially because I love chocolate! I enjoyed learning how to do push ups and star jumps to keep my heart and circulatory system healthy.’