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Welcome to Year 4 teacher Mr Wolohan

Welcome to Year 4 teacher Mr Wolohan

Oakley Vale is very happy to welcome Mr Laurence Wolohan to the school who will be teaching Year 4 adders class.

Laurence has been teaching for more than eight years qualifying in 2008. He has been a supply teacher for the last three years teaching at a variety of schools across the county and decided that he wanted to settle at Oakley Vale.

He said ‘I like working with children and I like to think I’m good at explaining things. I remember when I was young many of my friends fell behind because they perhaps didn’t have the support they needed in school and I thought that was unfair. I wanted to become a teacher as I don’t want that to happen to any other children, I want to give them as much support and as good a chance as they can get. I plan to make my lessons as exciting as possible and my aim is for them to have good fun and feel safe and secure and be able to learn effectively.’

Outside of school Mr Wolohan enjoys mountaineering, rock climbing, sport and reading current affairs.