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Welcome to Year 3 teacher Mr Keith

Welcome to Year 3 teacher Mr Keith

Oakley Vale is very happy to welcome Mr Liam Keith to the school who will be teaching Year 3 otters class.

This will be Mr Keith’s very first teaching job having recently qualified in November 2016. Originally from Corby he has always wanted to be a teacher, he said ‘Originally I wanted to be a secondary school history teacher however, when I was doing my degree I got a job doing guided reading in a primary school and I just fell in love with it. I really enjoyed working with the children and being able to teach a range of subjects.’

‘I like to think I build a good relationship and rapport with the students and although I’ve only been here a week I’ve started that already. I want to progress that further, learning things together and working as a team. I think male teachers bring something slightly different to the classroom they offer a diverse style of teaching because men and women are naturally different and its nice for the students to have that variety.’

Outside of school Mr Keith enjoys sports and music and is learning to play the guitar.