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Cultural whole school assembly

Cultural whole school assembly

Students enjoyed a whole school assembly led by Year 5 teacher Ms Mara Grkinic with the help of Year 4 student Damien Janus where she discussed how Christmas is celebrated in Serbian families.

Serbia follows the Julian calendar meaning their Christmas day, Orthodox Bozic Celebration day, is celebrated 13 days later than the traditional Christmas day on the 7th of January. Ms Grkinic explained about the different traditions they celebrate such as hiding a pound coin in a loaf of bread, where good luck for the coming year is said to be granted to whoever finds the coin and getting a burnt piece of banyak (oak tree) to put by your fires on Christmas Eve - 6 of January – Badnje vece.

In addition to this every Serbian family celebrates their own slava day (patron saint day), which is a different day for every family. For Ms Grkinic and Damien that day is 19 December and the whole family enjoys a traditional meal of fish.

Ms Grkinic said ‘It was lovely to be able to share my family traditions with the school and for the children to be able to learn how other countries celebrate Christmas.’