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Welcome to our new governors

Welcome to our new governors

Welcome to Jemma McCallum and Ashley Scott who have recently become parent governors at Oakley Vale Primary School.

 Both have varied professional skills that they will bring to the role. Jemma McCallum is an event manager at Rockingham Speedway. She said: ‘I am very eager to see what I can personally do to help the school with different things. My skills are in project management and I am very organised. One of the things that I would like to get involved in is getting the PTA up and running which is a valuable resource for parents and helps to build links between the school and its community.’

Ashley Scott is deputy head at a Rutland primary school so he brings a wealth of experience to the role. He said: ‘I wanted to support the school and be challenging as well. I wanted to become a governor as I live locally and want to see the school doing as it should. Also, as I am on the governing body at my school and also the safeguarding lead I have got things to offer, share and swap. As I am deputy head and have done acting headships as well it is quite rare to have a parent governor with that amount of educational knowledge so hopefully it will be put to good use.’