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Oakley Vale celebrate ‘It’s ok to be different’

Oakley Vale celebrate ‘It’s ok to be different’

Students took part a PSHE day ‘It’s ok to be different’ where they took part in activities around the theme and attended an assembly led by Year 6 teacher Ms Anneka Smith.

Students in year 6 wrote a letter to their future selves, created a profile about themselves using algebraic equations and completed some art using colours, words and textures that best reflects them as a person. All years took part in an English, Maths and art activity related to the theme.

Ms Smith read the book ‘It's ok to be different' by Todd Parr during assembly and discussed all the ways in which people can be different. She said ‘I feel it is extremely important for ALL children to be able to accept themselves for who they are. As a school, we feel it is important that students are able to celebrate everyone as individuals. We were able to explore differences and discuss equality. The children enjoyed the story 'It's Ok to be different' and were able to consider how people could be different as well as state how they, as individuals, are all equally important.'