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Year 1 receives a visit from Raptor Xotics

Year 1 receives a visit from Raptor Xotics

As part of their new topic ‘Amazing Animals’ students in Year 1 enjoyed a visit from Raptor Xotics, where they received a hands-on tactile experience with a range of exotic animals.

There were lizards, snakes, hissing cockroaches, scorpions, a hedgehog and an owl called Crackerjack, which the students saw fly over their heads and across the classroom.  They got the chance to learn lots of information about different animals and were able to look at and touch some of them. 

This experience linked to the area of learning ‘understanding the world’ which is part of the curriculum and a good opportunity for students to get close to many different animals and learn more about them including the different types of habitats they live in and facts about them.

Year 1 teacher Mrs Laura Medley said ‘Raptor Xotics were fantastic and had such a wide selection of animals keeping the students engaged with their interesting facts and knowledge about them. The children remembered so much and made some interesting ‘Did you know?’ posters afterwards. It was an excellent end to our learning on animals’.