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Students enjoy taster sessions of Jado Kuin Do

Students enjoy taster sessions of Jado Kuin Do

Teachers from the World Jado Kuin Do Organisation came into school to give some ‘taster’ sessions of Jado Kuin Do to the students.

Jado Kuin Do is one of the best means of building self confidence and helps to prepare young people for life. A student’s school achievement and behavior can often improve after regular training due to improved self confidence and enhanced concentration.

Each class had a 15 minute session and were all completely engaged, had so much fun and was a perfect way of making links within the community.

World Jado Kuin Do Organisation teaches classes from 3 years to adults at venues across Northamptonshire including Oakley Vale Community Centre. One of the instructors said ‘We hope that the students at Oakley Vale enjoyed their ‘taster’ sessions as we loved teaching them. They were fantastic and are a real credit to the school.’

Reception teacher Miss Polly Murdock said ‘All of the students had a great time learning Jado Kuin Do. It is great to expose them to a different sport which isn't something that is taught in schools.’