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Students at Oakley Vale Primary take part in local project involving more than 3,000 children

Students at Oakley Vale Primary take part in local project involving more than 3,000 children

Students at Oakley Vale primary were invited to work with visual artist Sophie Cullinan as part of the ‘Our Woods, Deep Roots Tall Trees’ project to help create a collaboration with all local primary schools by creating their own illuminated flowers, which will hang in Thoroughsale Woods during the beginning of May 2017.

Sophie will work with more than 3,000 Key Stage 2 students in Corby, to create their own individual piece of art bringing them all together during a festival finale on the weekend of 5, 6, & 7 May.

The students have each made a red flower that will illuminate when hanging from the trees in the woods making a unique pathway for the end of the festival. Sophie said ‘I was asked to devise a project to work with every child in Key Stage 2. I decided to make the flowers because in Thoroughsale Woods there is a red fungi that grows in a bowl shape which really intrigued me and the idea stemmed from there. I have been working with all the primary schools in Corby teaching more than 3,000 students during a one hour workshop.

‘I wanted to be involved with this as I think it’s good for the students to have experience of being part of a very large project and to know that their individual element is as important as everyone else’s.  I also don’t think students do enough art work within the classrooms so it gives them an opportunity to be a part of something that they wouldn’t normally do.’

The scheme is part of a nine month strategy which has seen a series of innovative projects from artists across all disciplines including musician Barb Jungr, choreographer Neil Paris and international light and sound artist, Laurenz Theinert, together with performance, spoken word, photographic and visual artists. The purpose is to innovatively and creatively explore Corby’s amazing urban woodland spaces with a series of projects which have built over the nine months, finishing in a spectacular, ‘BIG trail’ promenade performance.

One Year 5 student said ‘I have had lots of fun making my flower and I really like the way it lights up. I can’t wait to see them all hanging from the trees in May, it will look so pretty.’