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Oakley Vale Primary school

Raptor Xotics visit Oakley Vale Primary School

Year 5 students at Oakley Vale Primary had an amazing ‘sparkling start’ to their topic on rainforests as they came face to face with critters including cockroaches, snails, spiders and snakes.

Dave Sharpe from Raptor Xotics brought along hissing cockroaches, giant land snails, a bearded dragon, a blond desert tarantula, a tree snake and some leeches so that the Year 5 students could learn more about the different species that thrive in the rainforest.

Dave’s informative talk included details about the zones and climate of the forest, from the floor to the canopy and beyond, and which creatures are found in each. He spoke about the different features of each animal and allowed the students to touch the majority of them.

Teacher Becky Annetts said: ‘We start off each of our topics with something surprising that will really get our students engaged and excited about this term’s theme. What better way to return to school than to have the opportunity to learn more about and even touch these exotic animals? Dave’s talk and expertise really brought the rainforest to life and I was incredibly proud of the mature way the students behaved when handling the animals and they also asked really relevant questions that shows their understanding of and enthusiasm for the subject.’

To see a gallery of pictures click here.