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Oakley Vale Primary school

Samaritans visit Oakley Vale Primary

Two members of the Samaritans spoke about the importance of having healthy emotions during this week’s Wellbeing Week at Oakley Vale Primary School.

Ana Geyer and Sue Cordwell delivered a whole school assembly where they used the example of a balloon being blown up to illustrate how negative emotions can have a cumulative effect and so talking to friends, parents or teachers about problems is crucial for maintaining good mental health.

The duo are members of the Samaritans in Kettering. Sue said: ‘The organisation has been going since 1953 and there is still a real need for us. From the minute you go on shift the phone calls never stop.’

Ana said: ‘It is important to talk about mental wellness from a young age so children are used to the concept and in many respects they are more responsive than adults. I have been a Samaritan for 30 years and one of the magical things that happened was that I had much more empathy with the children I used to teach and I was able to pick up on their emotions or sadness.’

Sue and Ana.