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Oakley Vale Primary school

Tiger Tea Party at Oakley Vale Primary School

Reception children enjoyed a special Tiger Tea Party at Oakley Vale Primary School. They had been reading the classic text ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’ before making their own tiger-face cakes.

Teacher Nic McNab said: ‘Our two class mascots, Mr Snuffles and Ruby Rabbit, have joined the tea party and the children are really focusing on a celebration and building their social, communication and language skills.

‘There has been a mathematical focus, weighing and measuring ingredients to make the cakes. The project also included Design and Technology as we drew a design of the cake first, then the children iced the cakes and evaluated what they would do differently next time.

‘Last term we did “Once Upon a Time” traditional tales and we are now looking at a variety of authors including contemporary ones such as Julia Donaldson and “Lost and Found” by Oliver Jeffers. Each week we are using a book as a hook to enhance the children’s learning.’

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