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Oakley Vale Primary school

A Typical Maths Lesson at Oakley Vale

At Oakley Vale Primary School, we follow the White Rose Maths scheme. Each Maths lesson will begin with a short retrieval practice activity which checks children's understanding of prior learning. Following this, children will receive a high-quality input on the given mathematical objective with teachers making use of a range of strategies from our teaching and learning toolkit. Our Maths learning follows a concrete, pictorial, abstract (CPA) approach. This means that pupils will have the opportunity to use manipulatives where possible to scaffold new learning, before moving on to pictorial representations, abstract recording and reasoning-type problems.

In each Maths unit, pupils will take part in a dedicated problem-solving lesson to apply their new knowledge. Teachers also make links across the curriculum wherever possible, with at least one cross-curricular Maths opportunity linked to the child's current topic planned in each half-term. This will be made clear in children's books with a cross-curricular Maths label.