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Oakley Vale Primary school



Staying Calm All the Time Can Actually Hurt Your Career. Here's Why |


Meditation can bring a sense of calm, peace and balance to the mind and body. When practised regularly it can help to manage upsetting or distracting thoughts throughout the day. Our children take part in meditation and reflection once a week in school – continue the journey at home. – Your Secret Treehouse – Land of the Unicorns – The Gratitude Tree – The Friendly Whale – Spaceship to the Moon



Music | Graduate courses | University of Oxford

Here are our favourite pieces of background music to listen to when working. Listen to them at home when completing your learning. – Positive – Happy – Relax




Crafting Your Candidacy Story. (中文) When most people think about the… | by  Lloyd Nimetz | The Spike Lab English | Medium

Stories take us to a place of optimism and hope. They are a welcome distraction from daily pressures and provide calm and enjoyment. They enable the reader/listener to be present in the moment.

Stories teach us to be better listeners, problem-solvers and show us how to react in difficult situations. They teach right from wrong and show us how to help others.

Here is a collection of books which support mindfulness and wellbeing. Read at the beginning or end of the day. – Worrysaurus – Don’t Feed the Worry Bug – I Can Handle It – The Invisible String – I Am Human – I am Peace – Bee Calm – Here and Now – Waiting




Dedicated Yoga Excursions Take Your Practice Beyond the Mat

Yoga helps to develop flexibility, balance, strength and coordination. When practised regularly the breathing flow helps to lower blood pressure and heart rate and creates a sense of calm. The benefits are endless. Give yoga a go! – Beginners – Animal Yoga – PAW Patrol – Rainbow Yoga  – Cosmic Kids! Here you will find something for everyone! Harry Potter, Sonic the Hedgehog, Star Wars, Frozen, Minecraft, Pokemon and so much more!