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Oakley Vale Primary school

Physical Activity

Sport is provided for all, but participation in sport is not the end goal for our schools physical education programme.  By providing a balanced curriculum, focussed on individual challenge and learning alongside personal and social skills, we will provide a positive experience in PE, and ultimately make our pupils physically capable and active throughout their lives.  Many will find and succeed in sport, but the objective of physical education is to develop movement patterns, coordination, cognition and locomotive skills.

In order to better engage less active pupils, interventions such as change 4 life sports clubs are employed as breakfast clubs.  These clubs provide a safe, engaging and challenging environment for less confident, able or engaged pupils to develop their physical and social skills away from their perceived pressures in PE or sports clubs. 

The school has run bikeability sessions for our Year 5 pupils and multi-skills, table tennis, archery and cheerleading clubs. In addition, the school also offers after school clubs that lead towards competitive competitions such as a football, gymnastics and netball club.