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Oakley Vale Primary school

Reading in Key Stage 2

In school:Need hands on help with your art? Try our interactive classes! — Society of  Visual Storytelling

In school, we have developed a reading offer to ensure that every child becomes a fluent, confident and enthusiastic reader with opportunities to read, discuss and listen to stories.

  • Your child will receive a daily reading/phonics lesson, where they will be taught specific reading skills. 
  • Your child’s teacher will read the ‘Class Read’ to the whole class every day. 
  • There will be opportunities to read in EVERY lesson (including Maths, Geography, History, Science etc) 
  • Your child will have independent reading time every day to read and discuss their books. 
  • Each class has their own bookcase which is stocked with books carefully selected from lists of recommended reads for their year group, along with a range of familiar favourites and popular reads.  


At home:

To support your child’s development of reading skills and enjoyment of reading, we have developed these opportunities to engage with reading as a family: 

  • Your child will bring home a Book Band Book matched to their reading age and one of the new Reading for Pleasure books. 
  • Please ensure your child’s Book Band Book and Reading for Pleasure Book are brought into school every day because they will be used in lessons throughout the week. 
  • Children also have the opportunity to access the school library once a week to change their library book, and the school library is open from 3:30-4:00 every Monday during term time for the whole family to enjoy.