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Oakley Vale Primary school

Reading in Key Stage 2

In school:Need hands on help with your art? Try our interactive classes! — Society of  Visual Storytelling

In school, we have developed a reading offer to ensure that every child becomes a fluent, confident and enthusiastic reader with opportunities to read, discuss and listen to stories.

  • Your child will receive a daily reading lesson, where they will be taught specific reading skills.
  • Your child’s teacher will read the ‘Class Read’ to the whole class every day.
  • There will be opportunities to read in EVERY lesson (including Maths, Geography, History, Science etc)
  • Your child will have independent reading time every day to read and discuss their books.
  • We have invested in a high-quality selection of ‘Reading for Pleasure’ books for each class. These are based on The Pie Corbett Reading Spine, Book Trust 100 Best Books and Literacy Trust recommendations. These books cover a range of genres recommended in the DfE Reading framework and are available for your child to read in school and also to take home to read with their family.


At home:

To support your child’s development of reading skills and enjoyment of reading, we have developed these opportunities to engage with reading as a family:

  • Your child will bring home a Book Band Book matched to their reading age and one of the new Reading for Pleasure books (Please see laminated sheet in your child’s book bag for more information)
  • A high-quality Reading Journal (this will replace the weekly reading log) Research shows that the quality of reading, reading together and sharing and discussing stories all have the most impact on successfully developing reading. Each week, your child’s teacher will set an activity for your child to complete in their reading journal with you. You can also use it to record discussions you have about books, authors, characters and settings. These Reading Journals will be introduced in class to your child over the next 2 weeks, so they understand how to use them.
  • Please ensure your child’s Book Band Book, Reading for Pleasure Book and Reading Journal are bought into school everyday because they will be used in lessons throughout the week.