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Oakley Vale Primary school


"Relationships between adults and children are warm and supportive, and children are kept safe. As a result, children love coming to school, behave well and are developing well as happy and confident learners. All welfare and safety regulations for the early years are fully met."

Ofsted 2015

Oakley Vale Primary School believes that it is of the upmost importance to have good systems for protecting children and safeguarding their welfare. This means that all those who work with children in the school must be alert to possible concerns about every student and report these appropriately. 

In order to protect our children, we aim to:

  • Create an atmosphere where all our pupils can feel secure, valued and listened to
  • Recognise signs and symptoms of abuse
  • Respond quickly and effectively to cases of suspected abuse.

Our school will support all children by:

  • Encouraging self-esteem and self-assertiveness whilst not condoning aggression or bullying
  • Promoting a caring, safe and positive environment within the academy

​Everyone working with our children should be aware that:

  • Their role is to listen and note carefully any observations which could indicate abuse
  • They should not attempt to investigate once the initial concern is raised
  • They should involve the Designated Senior Person (DSP) immediately
  • If the DSPs are not available, the Principal should be contacted
  • A disclosure of abuse or harm can be made at anytime (lesson times, break times, after school etc)
  • Before outside agencies are invited into the academy to work with our children or to carry out work on the premises, staff are required to ensure that all relevant DBS checks and identification has been seen.

If you have a concern that a child is being harmed or at risk of harm or you re­ceive a disclosure (intentionally or unintentionally) you must contact either the Principal Miss Goodwin, DSL Mrs Baulch, Vice Principal -  Mrs Annetts or Mr Buffham

Brooke Weston Trust Safeguarding Policy

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