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Oakley Vale Primary school

Stories to Support Your Child

The Day the Lines Changed Kelley Donner

Theme: Change during a pandemic and the impact of a vaccine.

Read Along:

Talking Time: Tell your child about how you feel about the changes and say one thing you are looking forward to. Encourage them to do the same.

Art: Share the illustrations from the book and talk about the buildings and the people. Use any art resources you have to draw lines for your own family or class.



The Invisible String Patrice Karst

Theme: Separation Anxiety and Loneliness

Read Along:

Official Activity Book:

Talking Time: Tell your child who your string is connect to. Ask them to name the people their string is connected to.

Craft: Decorate hearts with the names of loved ones to attach to a piece of string.

Art: Draw strings on paper with white (invisible) crayons or candle wax. Use watercolours to paint the page to reveal the invisible strings.



Here and Now Julia Denos

Theme: Mindfulness and Meditation

Read Along:

Talking Time: Have your child say, "Right here, right now I am ..." or "I hear" or "I think". They could tell about their feelings or what they are doing or thinking about.

Art: Listen to some relaxing music and paint the colours that the music makes in your mind.

Outdoor: Head outside and with a clipboard, paper and sketching pencil. Find a quiet area for children to sit. Encourage them to use their five sense and draw the world around them.



Waiting Kevin Henkes