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Oakley Vale Primary school

Year 5

Curriculum Long Term Map 2019-2020

Learning journey

Term 1

Spirit of Corby

Term 2

Out of this world

Term 3

Term 4


Term 5

Ancient Greece

Term 6


Key texts

Images of Corby (Peter Hill photographs)

The sea of tranquillity (M Haddon)/ astronauts handbook- lonely planet

A river (Marc Martin) Story of the dolphin boy (Elizabeth Laird) and various picture books

Window (Jeannie Baker) and The explorer (Katherine Rundell) poetry and non-fiction

The Iliad and the odyssey (Marcia Willimas) A visitors guide to Ancient Greece (Usbourne)


Sparkling start

East Carlton Park trip

Space centre trip

Local walk- lakes in OV

RaptaXotics/ Bugtopia

History off the page- Ancient Greece day


Fabulous finish

Dramatised news report in assembly for parents

Gallery of work- invite parents

Stay and play afternoon creating mechanisms which move/ filter water

Make a rainforest cafe

Race afternoon with chariots


Main focus/ activities

Highland gathering

History of local area- steelworks


Human geography

Population- maths links

Dance/ music


Train station

Life on planets

1st man on the moon

Alien on our planet- story of going to another planet

Science objectives

Solar system- planets and moon

Space music

Astronaut biography

Maths- size of the planets

Forces and magnets

Water movement mechanisms

Artic/ Antarctic

Local geography- water and lakes in OV

Science- materials

Plastic pollution

Mr Hebberd- water filtration

Food- fruit and drink


Science- living things and their habitats

Animals including humans

Geography- locations

Re-using things

Climate change


Rainforest inspired poetry

The Iliad

The odyssey

Family life




Art- pots


Alexander the Great

BV- democracy

History- Spartans and Artimis

Greek Gods