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Oakley Vale Primary school

Wider Curriculum Subjects

George, Lord Digby and William, Lord Russell, 2021. Kehinde Wiley. 2007.
Private Collection.

'Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.'


Our curriculum is creative and engaging and encourages children  to develop curiosity and think critically incorporating the skills of questioning, problem solving, evaluating, reasoning, communicating and reflecting through an enquiry-based curriculum.  Making connections between the past, present and future and embracing difficult questions enables them to orientate their moral compass.

Children are actively involved and invested in their learning, taking ownership through relevant hands-on, real-life experiences, working collaboratively to communicate their ideas and understanding.

Children make an emotional connection to the natural and man-made world by embracing the best that has been thought, said and created as well as sharing opinions and discussing and debating ideas.  They reflect on their impact on the world in order to develop emotional resilience and an understanding of how to take responsibility for themselves, their community and the future.

Children are able to know more, remember more and do more through a purposefully planned progression of skills and knowledge building on and extending their prior learning.  Core skills and a carefully selected breadth of study enable children to develop confidence in themselves as independent, enthusiastic, life-long learners; preparing them to be successful in an ever-changing world.

Please use the tabs on the left to discover our intention for each subject we teach and how we implement learning in that subject across the school