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Oakley Vale Primary school

Year 2

Curriculum Long Term Map 2019-2020

Learning journey

Term 1

Dear teacher

Term 2

Mind the gap!

Term 3

Lady with the lamp

Term 4


Term 5

Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside!

Term 6


Key texts

Dear teacher

The Queen’s hat, The Queen’s handbag

Non-fiction texts, Zog, Zog and flying doctors

The very hungry caterpillar, Omnibombulater, superworm, selfish ladybird

One is snail and ten is a crab, Tiddler, The snail and the whale, Hermit crab


Sparkling start

Treasure hunt around school

London trip

Florence visit and dress up



Sealife centre


Fabulous finish

Fieldwork with Brian or Sean

Tea party

Nurse visit

Eating insects

Wicksteed park visit


Main focus/ activities

Newspaper report

PSHE- worries, lying, day dreaming

Map making

Use google earth

Survival kits and skills

BV- mutual respect for others and adults

Letter writing


GFoL- plague, monument

Materials and junk modelling

London landmarks

BV- all Britain

Google Earth

The Queen and the royal family

Diary writing- Samuel Pepys

Fire service visit

Newspaper report writing

Comparing capital cities

History of Trafalgar Square, tree and lights

Transport links

Comparing hospitals

Florence/ Mary

Scutari hospital

Narrative work

Science afternoon

Human body

Injuries/ hygiene

BV- individual liberty (choice of career), mutual respect (respect for women), tolerance (beliefs of others)

Life cycles- butterfly

Build bug hotels

Make a wormery

Make an ant farm


Diaries from a bug

Food chains

Instructions about how to look after a…

Art- collages, spider’s webs, symmetry pf butterflies

BV- respect

Beaches from around the world

Cross curricular maths (using texts)

Comparing past and present

RNLI visit

Sealife centre trip

Art- seagulls, watercolours, ice cream

Aquatic animals

Sun safety

Environment- single use plastics

Seaside cafe

BV- rule of law (safety and beach rules)