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Oakley Vale Primary school

Year 4

Curriculum Long Term Map 2019-2020

Learning journey

Terms 1 and 2

Here come the invaders

Term 3

Rise of the robots

Term 4

Lost at sea!

Term 5


Term 6


Key texts

How to train your dragon

Iron man

Kensuke’s kingdom

Street child


Sparkling start

Viking experience day

Robot crash landing on the playground

Shipwreck at OV and trip a lake (TBC)

Black country museum


Fabulous finish

Build a Saxon boat using junk with parents invited

Junk modelling- create robots with parents invited into school

Build a shelter out of natural materials

Gallery of learning- invite parents


Main focus/ activities


Armour and war/ invasions

Battle of Hastings (ending in Anglo Saxon era)

Where they came from/ to

Religions and beliefs

Daily life/ food/ diet

Settlements- Viking towns

Viking patterns- reflections etc

Create a boat

Viking dancing

Famous Vikings e.g. Leif Erikson

Boats as transport

Myths/ legends

Ordinance survey map skills



History of robots

Jobs of robots

Create and design a robot

Robot factory


Moral issues- artificial intelligence


Geographical features


Robinson Crusoe

Life if Pi/ castaway

Sea monsters

Lakes and rivers in the UK

Water cycle

Filtering process




Workhouses, children’s jobs and roles, Queen Victoria,  women’s rights to vote, Victorian themed art, coal industry, workhouse poetry, daily life